March favourites

 bye march

March has come to an end, bunnies! We shared make up tips and a tutorial, we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, and I took all you lovelies along with me to Dullstroom and to a beautiful wedding I attended over the weekend. We also took a look at some wardrobe classics this month, got a new manicure and played around with a wet brush. But after all that, some of those things stood out above the rest, so here are my monthly favourites:

Zoya nail polish

These nail polishes seriously last forever. I will definitely be getting a Zoya manicure again.

Maybelline Baby Lips

Yes, yes, everyone flipped about these, but I’ve been steadily increasing my collection of these over the past few months. They’re hydrating and affordable.

Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One Shine Free Cake Powder

Remember Beauty South Africa sent me one of these bad boys? It really is a great powder. Give it a try, and read my review here.

Plain t-shirts

I’ve been obsessing over plain t-shirts this month. No idea why, but they go with everything and can be dressed up or down.

Forever New statement necklaces

Everyone knows I love statement necklaces so no surprises, but I do especially love Forever New’s, although they do come at a price. The Forever New range is quite wide so pop into your nearest one and have a look, even if it’s just to soothe your eyes.


South Africa’s Black Keys. I LOVE this band. I’ve had their album on repeat for two weeks now. My favourite song is Good Morning Killer.

Super M Chocolate Milk

I’ve been channeling my inner child and sipping these at the office. Delicious. Just delicious.

Honey Cheerios

Good grief, what a blast from the past. This cereal has been in SA for ages, but I only recently bought a box and almost finished half of it while driving to Burgersfort/Ohrigstad this weekend, and no, I’m not ashamed, and on that note I was also not ashamed to not share any of it with anyone else in the car either.

I don’t have any particular dislikes for this month. What a shocker!

What’s on your favourites list this month?

Xoxo Carina


OOTD: Wedding guest

Still unsure of what to wear to a wedding? Here’s what I wore to one yesterday! I hope it gives you some inspiration.


Red high low dress: YDE

Ballet flats: Steve Madden

Golden bow clutch: Mr. Price

Ring: Mr. Price

Watch: Guess

Bracelet: Nomination bracelet

What do you think?

Xoxo Carina

Review: Beauty and the Brush Studio

Peeps, I am in love! And yes, I did just use the word “peeps”.

I was on a long and extensive hunt for someone to do my nails. Someone who is gentle with my fragile paws, someone who is friendly and easy to chat to (I hate awkward small talk), someone who loves nail polish just as much as I do and I have found that someone! She goes by the name of Isma Theron, and her studio is Beauty and the Brush.

I was on Twitter, annoying everyone with my amazing plans over the long weekend when I saw a Tweet posted by PrettySmart.

PrettySmart is a website where you can go to check out local salons and any specials that spas and salons are offering. They Tweeted about a new salon with amazing opening specials and that’s when I gave Isma a call and booked an appointment. R100 (about $10) for a manicure. Yes please ma’am!

I found the studio easily and was greeted by Isma who honestly has the most beautiful green eyes ever! And she’s extremely friendly and sweet.

We chatted about make-up, weddings and nail polish, basically everything that make girls tick.

She is a Zoya stockist and I picked the colours Micky and Pixie Dust Miranda according to an image I saw Tweeted by her on Twitter.


Image: Isma Theron

She didn’t hurt me once, even when she pushed back my cuticles and cleaned up a few teeny splatters of nail polish on my fingers, which I didn’t even see.

While I was waiting for the polish to dry, she showed me pictures of bridal make-up she’s done and some seriously AMAZING nail art. Next time, I’m definitely going to ask her to do it on my nails. It’s done so accurately and perfect that it looks like those fake stick on nails or nail stickers you get. She also does spray tans. By the way, she also worked with Miss SA, Rolene Strauss and did her make-up. How beautiful?!


Photographer: Jacques Du Preez

For an appointment, contact Isma on 0825575811.

Her nail and make-up studio has been open for about 2 weeks so go forth and support brothers and sisters!

Follow her on Twitter:

Find her on Facebook:

Xoxo Carina

Outfit Idea: Wedding Guest Attire

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I’m going to a wedding this weekend.

So once again, I took to Polyvore and went about creating some wedding attire that is appropriate for a summer wedding. It’s autumn here, but it’s not so cold yet that you need to wear warm clothes all day so I created an autumn look as well, but enough rambling from my side. Enjoy!

Summer wedding attire



Autumn wedding attire



The second outfit can be dressed down by wearing flats and switching the blazer for a leather jacket or a simple cardigan.

Which would you wear?

Xoxo Carina

Review: Wet brush



I bought my wet brush from my hairstylist about 3 weeks ago and I’ve been using it on my hair after I’ve washed it. The bristles are so soft and rubbery, it doesn’t pull or break your hair at all, and it’s fantastic for getting knots out without destroying your hair in the process. The brush is also very easy to clean.

It’s also quite small and dinky so either if you’re like me, you’ll lose it constantly or it’s very handy for just chucking it into your handbag, and carrying it around with you. It can obviously also be used on your dry hair.


This cute little brush is quite affordable. It was about R40, which is approximately $4, and it’s also available in baby blue, beige, black and white.

You can purchase these from DisChem as well for about R9 (about $1), which really made me miff about buying mine for R40, but these brushes are honestly great and I’m glad I bought one.

Xoxo Carina

Wedding Guest Attire



This coming weekend I’m going away again, but this time to Ohrigstad for a wedding. Much like Dullstroom, I’ve never been there before and of course I stalked the weather forecasts to see what Mother Nature is going to serve up so that I can be prepared and also not look the same as the bridesmaids.

Times have changed when it comes to wedding attire for guests, but there are however some unspoken fashion rules, such as:

Wearing black at a wedding is whack

Duh. But sequins and cute cocktail dresses are acceptable, however if it looks like you could wear it to a funeral, put that LBD back on the rack. Weddings are supposed to be fun and a celebration so anything somber just won’t do.

Cover up the girls

Don’t wear a ridiculously skimpy outfit to a wedding. It’s quite desperate and just not classy. This ain’t the club.

No jeans allowed

Even if it is a very casual wedding, jeans and a t-shirt just isn’t appropriate. Rather wear a sweet sundress or a maxi skirt if you must go casual.

For tux sake!

Guys shouldn’t wear tuxes to nuptials unless of course they’re the groom or the dress code is black tie, but even then, be careful not to upstage the groom. Apparently, that’s a thing.

The 60s called…

Don’t wear anything that’s horribly outdated and old. Some new trends have embraced the looks and feel of days gone past, but I mean like don’t wear your mother’s floral bellbottoms from the 60s. It might be appropriate for a fun night out, but just not a wedding. It is okay to wear a dress that drew inspiration from the 20s for example or to curl your hair old Hollywood style.

Princess for a day

That’s the bride, not you so put that tiara down immediately!

Shake your prom-proms

Don’t wear your prom dress. Chances are it’s gorgeous, but it can be over the top and too much. Remember, you’re not there to upstage the bride.

Pantsuits smantsuits

You’re going to a wedding, not the office. Keep the boardroom and the fact that you’re probably a workaholic under wraps.

Turn down the volume

People want to look at the bride, not your ridiculous, outlandish accessories or leopard print dress. Tone down the loud and garish accessories and clothing for the day.


The bride gets to wear white despite a possible checkered past, although as times have changed and wearing garments with white trim or a white cocktail dress can work, but it can in no way resemble anything bridal. To be safe, rather just don’t. Anything like ivory, off-white or light beige won’t work either.

These tips are applicable to wedding guest attire throughout the year so keep them in mind when you’re picking out your outfit for a friend or family member’s big day.

Xoxo Carina

OOTD: Floral shorts in Dullstroom

As mentioned in my previous post, I was in Dullstroom this weekend. I couldn’t resist making use of the beautiful scenery there to do another OOTD.

Here’s what I wore:










Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Pearl earrings: Woolworths

Pearl bracelets: Sass Diva (now Zuri)

Pleather jacket: YDE

Black top: Free2BU (Edgars)

Floral shorts and belt: Forever New

Ballet pumps: Edgars

Handbag: Oriental Plaza

It’s really starting to get chilly here when the sun starts setting, which means that summer has come to an end. I’m making sure that I wear my favourite summer pieces often before winter gets here!

Happy Monday!

Xoxo Carina