UAE make up trends

After spending a wonderful week in the UAE, and realizing that pressed powder is indeed your best friend in such hot and humid weather, I’ve come to realize that beauty is perceived very differently in different parts of the world.

I am really obsessed with make up and I paid close attention to what the Arabic women in Abu Dhabi did with their make up. My conclusion:

Dramatic, defined brows

Women in the UAE have perfect eyebrows. There isn’t a hair out of place, and they also fill in their brows. Thicker, strong and defined brows are definitely in.

Nude, full lips

Beautiful nude lips and very slight pinks were all the rage. I didn’t really see bold reds or orange hues at all.

Huge lashes

Well, long doesn’t quite describe accurately how long they really are. They’re just huge. I saw a few women in Dubai with these gorgeously big false eyelashes, but not everyone does it though so I guess it’s personal preference, but more than two lashing of mascara is a must.

Classic cat eye

I saw A LOT of women doing a classic, perfect cat eye with their eye make up. I wish I knew the secret to having such stable hands, because I always make one eye perfect and mess the other one up completely. Raccoon eyes anyone? Smokey eyes were also quite a hit.

Long hair

Holy moly, I have never seen such gorgeous hair in my life! So healthy, thick and shiny! I couldn’t help but stare rudely. It’s just so beautiful. I saw mostly that women wore their hair pin straight. The ladies’ hair is also very long if they chose to wear it down, but after I wore an abaya to a mosque I know why mostly ladies there keep their hair tied up. It gets extremely hot.

I loved the beautiful trends I saw and it would seem that Kim Kardashian is a big style icon in the UAE. Check out her look here:


Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

This is exactly what I saw. So glamourous!

Xoxo Carina


Clicks Beauty Fair is on, baby!


Oh yes… It’s that time again… Say it with me: THE CLICKS BEAUTY FAIR IS ON!!!

From the 13th of June until the 9th of July, that is. Ah yes, this always excites me so, since you can get some really good deals out of it.

Today, I went for a leisurely stroll through the aisles, as one does, on a quest to try out a new silver shampoo. I spotted my usual Lee Stafford, but decided to try out John Frieda Sheer Blonde instead, so I secretly opened the tubes and had a sniff. I always do this, because the way a product smells is literally one the most important things for me. I hate using products that don’t smell nice, because I always think that’s what other people will smell when they come near me and it’ll overpower my perfume. A bit dramatic I know.

Silver shampoos and their matching conditioners are really expensive, even for a girl with a job (that’s me), but I decided to just bite the bullet, because I only use silver shampoo once a week so it lasts forever and really does make my lighter ends look much better.

So as I was paying, the man told me that because of the Beauty Fair, I get another conditioner free. Here’s our dialogue:

Man behind counter: “Ma’am, because the Beauty Fair is on and you purchased matching shampoo and conditioner, you can go get another conditioner for free.”

Me: “Free?” (like this is some foreign concept)

Man: “Yes ma’am, free.”

Me: “Like for free, free?”

Man: “Yes, completely free.”

Me: “Seriously?”

Man: “Yes, seriously.”

Me: “Any conditioner?”

Man: “Yes, any conditioner.”

Me: “Even this one?”

Man: “Yes ma’am.”

Me: “WOOHOO!!!”

I don’t think I’ve ever skidded around a corner that fast to get back to the hair aisle. Sad, but true.

So I got a pretty expensive conditioner (R95,00 to be exact) for free, and next time I only have to get the matching shampoo. Happiness for days!

Be sure to grab a little Clicks booklet at the entrance or at the counter. There are seriously some great deals in there. 

Happy shopping!

Xoxo Carina

The Holiday Spirit

I’m positively shivering as I write this. Not because I have some amazing news like I decided to quit my job and take my savings to live in Barcelona, which trust me I would’ve loved to do, but because I am freezing my butt off at the moment and Barcelona is literally now one of my favourite cities in the entire world. I was on holiday for three wonderful weeks in Abu Dhabi and Europe, and came back home in the dead of the damn winter.


I find myself dreaming of Venice where I roamed the streets and enjoyed a gondola ride. I crave the ice cream I had in Monaco, and I miss the Trevi Fountain in Rome, but all good things come to an end and I went back to work yesterday.

Now, the problem with having a long, relaxing holiday is that often when you go back to work it’s difficult getting back into the swing of things. Or at least, I often struggle getting back into work and deadlines.

Here are some tips to make sure you get out of holiday mode:

Think positively

There will always be those tiny tasks or the chirpy morning people that grate you, but try and think about how lucky you are to have a job in the first place and focus on the things you do enjoy about it. The same goes for if you are still a student. Think about how lucky you are to be able to get an education or that you don’t have to necessarily get up at six every morning like all us suckers who work already… 😉


Make a list of things you’d like to achieve on a specific day or for the first month. This will help motivate you to start working hard at achieving the goal, but preferably start small if you’re still feeling a little lazy. I always get overexcited and set some ridiculous goal and then feel terrible when I don’t achieve it 100%. Making to do lists for every day can also help.

Just do it

Take a page from Nike’s playbook and just do it. Force yourself and the happy memories out of your mind temporarily and just get your work done! You can relax and daydream again after the task is completed. 😉

Early bird

Get your body clock back into sync by going to bed early or waking up early so that you’re tired enough to go to sleep earlier at night. I struggle the most with this part, but it works for me, but then again I’m old so maybe that’s why I go to sleep easily if I woke up at the crack of dawn.

I hope these help!

Do you have any tips? Do share in the comments.

Xoxo Carina

Last day in Europe


South African flag – The most beautiful flag in the entire world

It’s my last day in Europe!

I had such a swell time on a cruise with my family that I probably won’t see again for another two years and I’m actually quite sad about it, but all good things come to an end and it’s time to head back to South Africa.

I’ll be posting again regularly as soon as I get over my jet lag, which will be caused by a 14 hour flight…

Xoxo Carina

Four and Twenty.

24 years ago a bouncing baby girl was born at 21:90. That baby was me.

Happy birthday to me!

Happy birthday to me!

Today I’m 24.

24 going on 19, because honestly, that’s how old I feel. I always used to think people who say age is just a number or you’re as old as you feel are just talking nonsense, but it’s really true. Well, it’s true until I actually hang out with some 19 year olds, then I’m like, “Oh wait, I really am 24 or maybe even older…”

I am excited either way, because I love my birthday. It’s the one day where I stuff my face with sparkly cupcakes and wear a tiara. Unfortunately no tiaras this year, because when I woke up this morning and opened my window, the breathtaking sight of Montenegro lay like a picture outside, and because one of my cousins has a baby girl so we’ll just graciously let her wear the tiaras. 😉

I just wanted to take the time to say I hope you all are well, and that I miss South Africa!

I’ll be back to regular posting in about a week’s time.

Happy birthday to me and a happy day to y’all!!!

Xoxo Carina

Travel Bunny: OOTD – Let’s Go To Starbucks!




I love me some Starbucks and I’ve been consuming quite a bit of it on my travels. Mainly because we don’t have it in SA, and because it is just plain delicious.

Here’s what I wore out to a trip there:



Dress: YDE

Cardigan: Vertigo

Flip flops: Forever 21

What do you think?

Xoxo Carina