Maybelline Mascara special



I LOVE Maybelline mascaras. I’ve tried so many other brands and I always end up going back to my trusted and very much loved Maybelline The Rocket mascara.

So you can imagine my excitement when I casually waltzed into Clicks over the weekend and discovered that there is currenly an insane special on them!

A tube normally costs about R150, but they’ve been marked down to R75 while stocks last of course.

So hurry hurry hurry!!!

I bought two for the price of one.

Don’t ever say you don’t get useful information on my blog. 😉

XO Carina


Glamping with Cotton On

Lately, I’ve been trying to get back into the exercising swing of things and spending a bit more time outdoors, which has proven to be quite difficult since I have a full time job in an office.

However, Cotton On’s new glamping range has made me want to do just that. It’s also made me want to go on a spontaneous camping trip.

The inspiration behind the new Cotton On Body range is “‘roughing it’ while having a completely planned and co-ordinated outfit – effortlessly pulled together! It embraces the outdoors and notions of layering and cocooning with textured fabrics in lounge and active wear, for the cooler months.”

I like the sound of that quite a lot so with that said, this is what I would wear when going on that spontaneous camping trip or hike:


And to top off the exercise and outdooryness:

Cotton On Body Enamel Cup R99 (2)

A cup (R99,00) of hot chocolate of course. With mini marshmallows.

What do you think? Which item from the Cotton On range is your favourite?

XO Carina

Daily Look: LBD Challenge

The leafs are falling and changing colour and I’m already missing summer.

I’ve been feeling quite inspired by the summer trends I’ve been seeing lately and it seems that the boho chic look and aztec prints are making a serious comeback, which excites me quite considerably.

I am also very amped about the fact that cute cut outs aren’t going anywhere either.

I’ve created this look on Daily Look’s site as part of the LBD challenge to showcase how you could wear this beautiful dress and what accessories to wear with it.

I chose the golden accessories, because it compliments the black dress so well and the turquoise picks up the colours in the dress. The flowers also pick up the colours well. The fringe bag goes well with the sandals and the boho look of the outfit.

What I also love about the boho look is minimal make up, which is why I’ve chosen a light brown taupe eye shadow, the soft pink blush and lipstick and some lashes.

All the items in this look can be found on Daily Look’s website. Be sure to check out the little black dresses. There are seriously beautiful dresses!

Did you like this look?
XO Carina

Perspective. Change.

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel like you’re stuck and you’re going to be stuck for a loooong time? Or you’re not making any progress at all?

I have. Actually quite recently to be honest.

I’ve found that what helps is to think back to where you were a year ago. Time gives you a clear view of where you were and where you’ve gone.

My life has changed A LOT in the past 2 years. To give you an idea:

In 2013 I finished my post grad degree and in 2014 I started job hunting. I did an internship in January 2014 at a well known gossip magazine that closed down a month or so ago, then for almost 3 months I did another internship at an advertising agency and then I got a full time job at a newspaper.


I started in April last year and this is what has happened to me in the past year alone:

In 2014 I graduated, went overseas for the first time (UAE and Europe), lost weight, gained valuable work experience, learnt more patience, grew disillusioned with the corporate world, lost my temper more than I can count, was treated unfairly and learnt how important it is to get a proper amount of rest and to switch off sometimes. I was also a bridesmaid at a dear friend’s wedding, saw friends falling in love and get married, made new friends as well, endured extensive emotional abuse (not from Mr. S just so y’all know, the man’s a saint), learnt to work better with my finances and managed my time better and set goals to accomplish.


In 2015, I went overseas again for my cousin’s wedding and was a bridesmaid (I paid for my own plane ticket), I bought my first car on my own with my own money, bought plane tickets to go to George in September (again with my own money), stopped caring about what other people thought of my life decisions, moved out of my parents house, learnt to stretch my small salary even further, made new dishes and started liking cooking even more, saw Mr. S go through some very tough career moves and changes and tried to help as much as I could, lost my temper again a fair amount of times with work, endured more extensive emotional abuse (again, not Mr. S), quit my newspaper job and got a new one at a magazine which starts on Tuesday.

IMG_3122 IMG_3150IMG_3431 copy

When you think about all of the smaller things that make up the big picture, you’re going to feel so much better about your current situation and you will realise that you are on your way to something bigger and better. Everything just takes a bit of time. Just remember as well: You can’t please everyone. You’re not a Nutella jar.


XO Carina

That time I nearly burnt down my kitchen…

Partridge meal

I like to cook. I’m by no means a Master Chef candidate but I enjoy making new things and baking.

So tonight I decided to make some roast chicken by following the relatively easy steps on some Internet recipe I found.

I made my marinade which consisted of olive oil and chilli bits and popped the chicken pieces in the oven.

After five minutes the hissing and spitting coming from the oven was a bit suspicious and luckily I went to look because when I looked in the oven the oil was going crazy and as I looked in puzzled, a bit of oil launched itself upwards to the oven element and I saw a HUGE flame…

I immediately turned down the heat and drained some of the oil out of the pan and popped the chicken back in.

I sat on the cold floor for 40 minutes after that watching the chicken and feeling incredibly nervous.

Moral of the story: Phone your mom for a recipe. Don’t trust the internet.

XO Carina

Granny hair, don’t care

Through the past few years we’ve seen some really cool and bizarre hair trends like sombre, ombre, mermaid hair, platinum blonde and now quite literally granny hair.

Personally, I love it, but I can just hear my dad asking me where my grandchildren are and it would seem that all the models sporting this look are quite tanned, which I’m definitely not even if I try.

So what do you think? Love it or hate it?

XO Carina

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