Mother’s Day gift ideas

Frosted Cupcake with pink fondant flowers and roses

Cue the cheesy cards and ‘I ❤ Mom’ mugs bought in a hurry at a petrol station.

Or if you’re slightly more prepared, a box of chocs and a bouquet of flowers.

But if you’re feeling that maybe your mom already knows what she’ll be getting this year because she gets the same thing every single year, it’s time to have a look at my very special gift guide for your mumsy:

Hummingbird feeder

 If your mom likes gardening like mine does, why not get her a cute bird feeder? I know it’s strange, but my mom would love a gift like this. She also enjoys those little wooden houses for woodpeckers so there’s another brilliant idea for you right there. 😉

A scarf

The weather is getting chilly now so get your mom a beautiful scarf. There are beautiful ones that are mom appropriate at Poetry.


Instead of getting her the usual bouquet of flowers, why not get an orchid? They might be slightly more expensive but they’re going to last a lot longer than the bouquet and they’re very elegant. Also, they come in a huge arrangement of colours.


What woman doesn’t like a beautiful necklace or ring?


For my mom’s birthday, we got her a stunning navy blue leather handbag from Accessorize. She’s been using the bag every single day since and her birthday was in February. Grab your mom some arm candy this Mother’s Day!


Perfume is a gift that might be a tad on the pricey side but it’ll last a long time and every time your mom wears it she’ll think of you. Guess who’ll get the best daughter award?

A book

If your mom likes reading get her a book, but make sure it’s a book on one of her interests.


If all else fails, bake (or buy) her some cupcakes. Who doesn’t like cupcakes?!

There’s still a bit of time left to go get your mom the perfect gift so go go go!

XO Carina

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