When are we officially adults?

This year I turned 25 and I was really not looking forward to the day. Not just because I was turning 25 and planning an ugly cry a la Kim Kardashian, but just because 25 has always sounded like such a grown up age and I don’t feel like an adult.


For all intents and purposes I am though since I pay my own way and don’t live with my parents anymore or drink half my weight in hard liquor. But it just doesn’t feel like I’m an adult yet.

Also, I was kind of irritated since I organised a small get together and literally more than half the people couldn’t make it. Some had good reasons like handing in a doctoral thesis (how adult it THAT?!) on the Monday (my birthday was Saturday) and others were just plain f***ing rude like a friend who sent me a text half an hour before the get together started saying: “I’ve had a long week at work. Sorry, not coming anymore.” And if you read this, know I think you’re a terrible friend and I won’t be coming to your birthday next year because I’ll be chilling too lekker on the couch. #sorrynotsorry (How immature of me was THAT?!)

So when do you feel start feeling like an adult? Is there a specific moment when you suddenly just start feeling mature and like you’ve got your life together or do you always wonder when that’ll happen? Do you get an email from the government congratulating you on the fact that you are now a responsible human being that actively contributes to society?

I just don’t know.

Do you feel like an adult? When did shiz start getting real for you?

XO Carina



One thought on “When are we officially adults?

  1. I don’t know sometimes I feel like an adult when I realize I am solely responsible for certain things – paying taxes, rent, having to fix my own car and cook dinner at night – but often, I just don’t! I’m 27 and I still don’t know whether we are even supposed to “grow up.”

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