OOTD: Christmas Day 2014

We’re all still enjoying a bit of Christmas cheer (except when you get stuck in the bathroom) and possibly looking forward to New Year’s Eve, and with that said, here’s what I wore on Christmas Day:


I didn’t exactly go the traditional route with a red, green or golden ensemble. I opted rather for this little purple number that I’ve had for years now. I love this skater dress, because it’s flattering and I personally think skater dresses suit most body types and it’s just classy in a ’50s kind of way. 🙂 If you’re wondering why I’m dressed so summery, it’s because the weather on Christmas Day looked like this:


Where I got everything I’m wearing

Dress: Jay Jays

Belt: Forever New

Shoes: Steve Madden

Christmas tree earrings: Accessorize

Watch: Guess

Ridiculous yellow thing around my neck: Checkers (My brother got these for everyone to wearat the table)

Antlers: Sorry, can’t remember

On my nails


Red base: Tip Top Cherries in the Snow

Red glitter: Morgan Taylor Rare As Rubies

Christmas ornament: Typo

How was your Christmas?

XO Carina

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P.P.S: What do you think of these cute Santa candles?



Merry Christmas!!!


To all my readers celebrating Christmas, I hope you had a very blessed and peaceful day and that you spent it with your family, friends and loved ones.

I also hope you were spoilt. Be sure to leave what you got in the comments, I’m dying to know! 🙂

Xoxo Carina

Stocking stuffer ideas: For her

for her

A few days ago I did a stocking stuffer ideas for him post, which you guys seemed to really like so here we have exhibit B, stocking stuffer ideas for her!

Personally, I find it much easier to buy gifts for girls, because something like strawberry and vanilla cinnamon scented Bath and Body Works shower gel might be completely lost on a guy, but a girl friend will love it and that is why this post is crammed full of more ideas.

Let’s begin!

Travel size perfume

You can go for a standard size perfume bottle as well, but if you’re planning on stuffing a stocking to the brim, rather go with mini bottles. They’re adorable!

Eos lipbalms

Yes I’m obsessed, but for good reason. How sweet will a couple of those in fun colours be in a stocking?


Unless it’s an engagement ring, you can never go wrong with giving a girl jewelry for Christmas. Personally, I really love those infinity rings. Mr. S gave me one for our anniversary and I wear it every single day. See? It’s a win!

Too Faced Melted lipstick

I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these. I’ve heard great things about it and if the girl you’re giving a gift to is a make up junkie, she’s sure to love getting make up.

Phone covers

I love phone covers. I only own one, because to be honest, you don’t really need more, but the covers that come in cute shapes are very hard to resist. I mean if I saw that popcorn one, I would definitely buy it. No questions asked.

Hair accessories

With it being the festive season and all, you can’t go wrong with a sparkly hair accessory.


‘Tis the season to be jolly and eat a lot of chocolate so give in to temptation…

Nail polish

Easy to find, easy to purchase and easy to fit in a stocking. ‘Nuff said.

Lush Santa lip scrub

This lasts forever and is a bit of Christmas in a jar for the rest of the year.


If you’re celebrating Christmas in a cold part of the world, scarves make perfect gifts. Where I live it’s hot as hell this time of year, but when it does start getting nippy (basically April or May) a scarf will come in handy.

Snow globes

You get huge ones, but a smaller one will be perfect. If it’s Christmas or Disney themed? Even better. Just make sure you wrap it in a bit of bubble wrap so that it doesn’t break easily and make a mess.

Cute Christmas ornaments

It’s Christmas after all, why not get a cute extra ornament to hang on your tree?

XO Carina

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Stocking stuffer ideas: For him

Christmas is definitely creeping closer and the fact that I haven’t done any Christmas shopping whatsoever is seriously making my throat close up, but hey, I’m a working woman.

If you find yourself in a similar situation and completely lacking inspiration, then have no fear, I have some ideas that’s bound to make your man smile.

stocking stuffer

Key finder

I lose stuff all the time, go into a mad panic and then I need a glass of wine to calm myself down, which is why a key finder is so handy. They usually come with easy to follow instructions and work quite well.

Whiskey rocks

These are handy for any drink that you would like to keep cool but you don’t want the taste watered down. You pop them in the freezer and drop them in your drink and voila!

Fridge magnets

Let’s face it, not all guys are good at decorating their spaces. They need a bit of a female touch sometimes and what better way than some manly fridge magnets? I liked the ones in the pic above because they look like they come out of a comic book.

Pocket knives

These are so cool because they usually come with all kinds of handy tools like a bottle opener; a tiny pair of scissors, a blade and the list goes on. They’re also very handy to put in your pocket or the side compartment of a bag.

Bottle openers

You get pretty schweet bottle openers in all shapes, sizes and colours so it doesn’t have to be a standard boring one that you can find at any store.

A key ring

The moustache that you see in the pic above is a key ring that doubles as a bottle opener as well so you see what I did there? I just proved my point that bottle openers and key rings don’t have to be boring or cheesy as hell. You do get really cute, dude appropriate ones out there.

Braai tongs

I’m South African through and through and we South Africans love to braai. Give us warm weather, a cold beer and a fire with some meat and we’re happy. If the guy in your life loves barbecuing or as we say braai-ing, then he’ll appreciate this.

A batch of Christmas cookies

How adorable is that snowman cookie? *Cue Do you want to build a snowman singing*

If you’re slightly cash strapped and feeling sentimental, why not bake some cute holiday cookies? After all, the old saying the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach might have some truth to it. 😉

XO Carina

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