Good day August!

augustOh August! Here so soon!

It’s my dad’s birthday this month so look out for a birthday gift guide for dads.

XO Carina



My first few days with Mu-Shu <3


So as many of you know by now if you follow me on Instagram or if you saw my last post, I got a puppy on Saturday.

He’s now 14 weeks old and he’s absolutely adorable.

I got Mu-Shu for Mr. S and I since we are both huge dog people and nothing warms my heart more than a cute dog video on YouTube.

Anyway, I decided to do a post on my first few days with my new fluff baby so that if you have a new puppy, you can offer advice or you can know what to expect.

I’m by no means a dog whisperer, I’m simply sharing my experience. Also, dogs have different temperaments and personalities so your puppy might act completely differently to mine.

Another thing I want to get out the way: I bought Mu-Shu from a breeder. Now before you whip out your pitch fork, I wanted to get a pup from the SPCA but my garden really can’t accommodate a big dog and my problem is that if I adopt a puppy from the SPCA he might be small when I get him but grow into a massive dog since the SPCA often get mixed breeds. I will have to find him a new home then and that’s just cruel. So I got a pure bred from a breeder so that I know what size he’ll be. I’m going to get him micro chipped and neutered when he’s older. I know NOTHING about taking care of pregnant dogs and there are enough doggies in the world that need loving homes.

The day I can afford to buy a place or even move to a place with a much bigger garden, I’m definitely getting a rescue from the pound.

The first day

We drove all the way to Benoni (Charlize Theron is from there, represent!) to go see him. We didn’t actually think he’d steal our hearts the way he did so we didn’t even take a basket with which was stupid but he was calm in the car and chilled on Mr. S’s lap. We seriously didn’t think we’d take him home right away.

The breeder gave us a bag of food, a blankie, his inoculation papers and a toy.

He’s quite a strange pup since he warms up immediately to women but he’s shy around men. He immediately started following me, my mom and Mr. S’s sister but was shy around Mr. S and my dad. He’s not afraid of men at all, he just kind of shimmies off when they try to play with him. He’s happy being in Mr. S’s company now though.

The first night

Mu-Shu kept me up ALL NIGHT. I tried immediately teaching him to sleep in his basket that I put right by the bed but he wanted nothing of it. He wanted to sleep in bed with me and he’s still quite small so I’m really afraid of crushing him and I don’t actually want him sleeping IN my bed.

I tucked him into his basket and sat right next to him until he dozed off but he woke up every hour on the hour. I felt sorry for him because he has lived with and went to sleep with his parents, two siblings, two Golden Retrievers and a spaniel each night and now he’s all alone.

The second day

Mu-Shu became much more playful but he was still feeling a little strange. He still sniffed about quite a lot but he seemed to be in better spirits.

The second night

Mu-Shu still wanted to know nothing of his basket at night. During the day he would happily chew his toys in it and nap but when the sun set the little fluffy monster wanted to sleep in my bed. I had to go to work today (duh) so I allowed him to sleep next to me, but I slept badly since I was petrified of squishing him. I also woke up at 3 am to take him to potty, but I guess that’s better than waking up every hour on the hour.

The third day

Stephan (that’s Mr. S’s real name) is a bit under the weather and working from home so Mu-Shu is with him. So far it sounds like he’s been behaving well. Let’s hope he also sleeps well tonight.

Do you have any puppy related tips you’d like to share?

XO Carina



We’re all obsessed with it

We live in a society that is obsessed with oversharing. We post everything from the plate of food we eat to our deepest thoughts and emotions online for millions of strangers to read. Have you noticed how Twitter accounts who constantly to the point of being damn irritating always have the most followers? It’s exactly because we are obsessed with sharing and knowing what’s going on in other people’s lives.

What prompted me into writing this specific post is the following:

One of my favourite beauty YouTubers recently came out and announced in a 20 minute long video that she’s gay. Now, I understand that coming out must be really hard. You face harsh criticism from people who are just acquaintances, judgment from friends and even disappointment from family members. Now imagine the even harsher criticism you’ll have to face by posting a video on the Internet.

Her video has received over 8 million views and I understand that it’s a process and she probably has to work through it herself and it is therapeutic/inspirational for people going through the same thing and I’m all for it. You do whatever it is that makes you happy, but seriously who cares?

I don’t care that Ingrid Nilsen is gay. I still love her. She’s got the sunniest, most wonderful personality and her videos are beautiful. They’re thought through, well edited and helpful. I don’t watch her channel to snoop what’s going on in her personal life and to be honest I don’t really want to know all that much. I watch her videos because she’s good at what she does.

The world will be a much more peaceful place if we all just learn to leave other people alone sometimes. If you don’t like something, steer clear or practice being a grown up and tolerating it because everyone deserves to be happy without feeling the need to post a 20 minute long video on the Internet explaining themselves.

XO Carina


When are we officially adults?

This year I turned 25 and I was really not looking forward to the day. Not just because I was turning 25 and planning an ugly cry a la Kim Kardashian, but just because 25 has always sounded like such a grown up age and I don’t feel like an adult.


For all intents and purposes I am though since I pay my own way and don’t live with my parents anymore or drink half my weight in hard liquor. But it just doesn’t feel like I’m an adult yet.

Also, I was kind of irritated since I organised a small get together and literally more than half the people couldn’t make it. Some had good reasons like handing in a doctoral thesis (how adult it THAT?!) on the Monday (my birthday was Saturday) and others were just plain f***ing rude like a friend who sent me a text half an hour before the get together started saying: “I’ve had a long week at work. Sorry, not coming anymore.” And if you read this, know I think you’re a terrible friend and I won’t be coming to your birthday next year because I’ll be chilling too lekker on the couch. #sorrynotsorry (How immature of me was THAT?!)

So when do you feel start feeling like an adult? Is there a specific moment when you suddenly just start feeling mature and like you’ve got your life together or do you always wonder when that’ll happen? Do you get an email from the government congratulating you on the fact that you are now a responsible human being that actively contributes to society?

I just don’t know.

Do you feel like an adult? When did shiz start getting real for you?

XO Carina


Twenty. Five.


Well, hip hop hippity happy birthday to me!

Today I’m 25. Even though I love my birthday and get very excited around this time of year, I feel kind of sad leaving my early 20s behind.

There are some things about my early 20s I definitely won’t miss like the year I did my Honours degree, silly heartbreaks and a lot of teenage-esque insecurity, but I enjoyed my early, care free 20s immensely.

Here are some things you learn on the way to later 20s:

  • You stop caring so much about what other people think about your life choices. By other people I mean like everyone and especially people who aren’t even close to you. You’re an adult and you make your own choices and know that there will be consequences.
  • You’re more confident. It kind of goes hand in hand with not caring so much what others think.
  • Less impulse, more thought. You don’t act as impulsively as you used to. I know when I was younger when I felt like doing something I did regardless of the repercussions.
  • Bye metabolism. Forget about scoffing down all the sweets and fast food in the world. It goes straight to your butt and once it’s there, it’s impossible to get rid of.
  • Bye just-a-few-drinks-that-turn-into-a-big-party. Oh please, I wake up the next morning after a glass and a half of wine and I feel like dying.
  • Better nutrition. I actually enjoy cooking now whereas previously I was just too impatient to make anything that took longer than two and a half minutes to make.
  • Sleepy time. Guys, seriously, I regret not taking all those naps when I was a child! And now that I’m old, I can’t fall asleep during the day. Just plain can’t. Unless I’m jetlagged and that doesn’t happen often.

If you’re 25 or older, what do you miss most about your early 20s and what not?

XO Carina