Hi July

julyOh hi there July!

Hopefully the weather goes from being icy to just cold this month.

XO Carina


NOTD: Glitzy Glam Sherbet Angel


Tip Top Sherbet Angel and Essence Glitz and Glam

So yesterday I woke up with a horrible cold. It’s that type of cold where you can’t breathe through your nose so you sit like a moron with your mouth open the entire time. I have bleary eyes, a super red nose, a sore throat and messy hair, and on top of that I am PETRIFIED of getting the mumps. My older brother who’s 37, has it and it’s highly contagious. I’ve never had it before.

Over the weekend, I went to mister S’s house to avoid the mumps as much as possible. I was feeling particularly sorry for myself yesterday so to cheer me up we went to the Clicks down the road.

I spent a good half hour looking at all the beautiful nail polishes, and finally decided on two.

I picked Tip Top’s Sherbet Angel, and Essence Effect Nail Polish in 03 Glitz and Glam. I layered the two of them and I really like how it’s come out. The photo doesn’t entirely do it justice. The Essence Effect polish has tiny golden and green sparkles in as well that the camera doesn’t pick up.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not the biggest fan of Essence nail polishes, because they chip if you just look at them too long, but so far the Effect nail polish hasn’t disappointed me yet.

Anyhoo, let me hop back into bed and get some sleep so that I can be healthy again soon.

Happy Monday!

Xoxo Carina