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Gather ‘round children. I have some very cool news.

For those of you who don’t know yet, my blog spent some much needed time in the make-up chair and it’s received a beautiful make-over thanks to the extremely talented miss Chicara Joubert. Check out her blog here.

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How to look good on staff photos

Photo: Technologybloggers.org

Photo: Technologybloggers.org

I started working at a glossy magazine about two months ago and I’ve been lucky enough (or unlucky?) to feature in the staff photographs.

We all headed into the Johannesburg CBD for the whole shoot and the photographer came back to us with the final results in record time. She was amazing so everyone looks good except me of course. I hate photos. I always feel awkward when a photographer coaxes me to smile or strike a ridiculous pose. I never look natural and my smile always looks incredibly forced.

Anyway, before the shoot I did some research on the topic and decided to share my infinite wisdom on the subject with you:


  • Don’t wear pattern heavy clothing – It makes you look bigger than you are and you risk looking like a crazy bag lady if the pattern doesn’t photograph well.
  • No polar fleece – Our shoot was in winter so the temptation was there to wear something warm and fluffy, but don’t. It doesn’t photograph well and makes you look top heavy.
  • Wear darker colours – It makes you look slimmer.
  • Don’t wear fashion faddy clothing – Rather go for something classic that will still look good in a couple of years. You don’t want to look at the photos and cringe or potential clients giggling at your ensemble.


  • For a work related shoot keep your make up slightly lighter and more natural. I went with winged liner and falsies to accentuate my eyes but I skipped eyeshadow altogether. I wore a light pinky almost lilacy lipstick (MAC’s Snapdragon).
  • Chill on the contouring – I’m terrible at it but I contoured very lightly. Depending on how you turn your face it can look like dirt marks on your face or just look weird and unnatural. I’m also not blessed with killer bone structure like Kim K so I had to do something to make my moon face look slimmer.
  • Same for blusher. Don’t look like you have a weird red heat rash on your cheeks.
  • Wear your hair in a way that you feel comfortable with. I just threw up my hair in a bun since I have unruly wavy hair and it would’ve looked untidy and unprofessional on the photos if I just left it to its own devices.

The night before

  • Eat healthy for glowing and clear skin at least a week before
  • Lay off the carbs and foods with a high sodium content. It will cause water retention.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Get enough sleep the night before.
  • Know that photoshoots take long. You’re going to be there for a while so take a book or something to entertain yourself with with to the location. Ours took 5 hours and there’’s about 20 people if that much working in my office.
  • Just relax and try and enjoy the shoot.

Please note that I’m no professional and I don’t think I look amazing on our staff photos at all. I’m simply sharing some tips and my experience from what I learnt and I find that these tips helped me.


XO Carina


Birthday wish list

Okay everybody, my birthday is this Saturday, 13 June 2015. Make a note of it in your diary for future reference. 😉

I’m turning a whopping 25. *sob*

Anyway, apart from that huge number of candles on my birthday cake, I’m going to share my birthday wish list with you.



Well, technically my parents already got me that. I went on Saturday and gots them did. I was feeling a bright colour and glitter. 🙂

Guess bag

Oh my gosh, I saw one at Edgars that really melted my black heart. The bag happens to be black as well, but whatevs. You can never have enough black handbags or handbags for that matter.

A winter coat

I hate winter. I don’t care how hot the summer was, I never want the colder months to come. Clearly I am meant to also be in Africa with the warm weather. But since winter is inevitably here *sigh*, I really want a beautiful jacket or coat for the winter.


Drown your sorrows in style on your day of birth. ‘Nuf said right?


Image: makeupandbeautyblog.com

Image: makeupandbeautyblog.com

Again, another thing a girl can never have enough of. I would love a Tom Ford lipstick, but I’m battling with the knowledge that one costs about R500…



I’ve been eyeing Marc Jacobs’ Daisy Dream for literally years now, but again, I have an internal struggle every single time with the price tag.

Waffles and cappuccino

I love coffee but even more than that a hazelnut cappuccino. Man oh man, those are delish! And what goes extremely well with that? A crispy waffle. Bring it!

What do you want for your next birthday?

XO Carina


OOTD: Nan Hua Temple

It’s my birthday next week and to get into the spirit of things, Mr. S, his brother and I went to the Nan Hua Buddhist temple in Bronkhorstspruit.

Why go to a temple to get ready for your 25th birthday you ask? I agree it’s unusual, but I love the temple. It’s absolutely beautiful and it really feels like you’re in another country when you’re there. It’s also incredibly peaceful and quiet. Mr. S and I went exploring the grounds on our third or fourth date many moons ago.

The temple is MASSIVE. You can see it from the highway, but it’s quite far from where I live so if you live in Centurion or Johannesburg, make a day of it because it’s about an hour’s drive without traffic and you go through at least one tollgate.

Also when visiting the temple, be sure to wear comfy shoes that you can take off easily, because you’re not allowed to wear shoes inside the shrines and you also can’t take pictures. Trust me, they get quite upset when you do. I took pictures inside the restaurant where technically you can and the woman had a hissy fit of note. She literally sprinted across the room to scold me.

Here’s what I wore:



Jacket: Jay Jays (R499)

Scarf: Gift from a friend

Earrings: Forever New

Jeggings: Pick n Pay Clothing (R180)

Boots: Edgars (R595)

Sunglasses: Ray-Bans

Handbag: Guess


Foundation: Bobbi Brown

Concealer: MAC

Eyeliner: Revlon

Mascara: Maybelline The Rocket

Blush: Too Faced

Lipstick: MAC’s All Fired Up

Face powder: Estee Lauder


Here are some more pictures of the temple and the surrounding grounds:

XO Carina


Mother’s Day gift ideas

Frosted Cupcake with pink fondant flowers and roses

Cue the cheesy cards and ‘I ❤ Mom’ mugs bought in a hurry at a petrol station.

Or if you’re slightly more prepared, a box of chocs and a bouquet of flowers.

But if you’re feeling that maybe your mom already knows what she’ll be getting this year because she gets the same thing every single year, it’s time to have a look at my very special gift guide for your mumsy:

Hummingbird feeder

 If your mom likes gardening like mine does, why not get her a cute bird feeder? I know it’s strange, but my mom would love a gift like this. She also enjoys those little wooden houses for woodpeckers so there’s another brilliant idea for you right there. 😉

A scarf

The weather is getting chilly now so get your mom a beautiful scarf. There are beautiful ones that are mom appropriate at Poetry.


Instead of getting her the usual bouquet of flowers, why not get an orchid? They might be slightly more expensive but they’re going to last a lot longer than the bouquet and they’re very elegant. Also, they come in a huge arrangement of colours.


What woman doesn’t like a beautiful necklace or ring?


For my mom’s birthday, we got her a stunning navy blue leather handbag from Accessorize. She’s been using the bag every single day since and her birthday was in February. Grab your mom some arm candy this Mother’s Day!


Perfume is a gift that might be a tad on the pricey side but it’ll last a long time and every time your mom wears it she’ll think of you. Guess who’ll get the best daughter award?

A book

If your mom likes reading get her a book, but make sure it’s a book on one of her interests.


If all else fails, bake (or buy) her some cupcakes. Who doesn’t like cupcakes?!

There’s still a bit of time left to go get your mom the perfect gift so go go go!

XO Carina

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Glamping with Cotton On

Lately, I’ve been trying to get back into the exercising swing of things and spending a bit more time outdoors, which has proven to be quite difficult since I have a full time job in an office.

However, Cotton On’s new glamping range has made me want to do just that. It’s also made me want to go on a spontaneous camping trip.

The inspiration behind the new Cotton On Body range is “‘roughing it’ while having a completely planned and co-ordinated outfit – effortlessly pulled together! It embraces the outdoors and notions of layering and cocooning with textured fabrics in lounge and active wear, for the cooler months.”

I like the sound of that quite a lot so with that said, this is what I would wear when going on that spontaneous camping trip or hike:


And to top off the exercise and outdooryness:

Cotton On Body Enamel Cup R99 (2)

A cup (R99,00) of hot chocolate of course. With mini marshmallows.

What do you think? Which item from the Cotton On range is your favourite?

XO Carina

Daily Look: LBD Challenge

The leafs are falling and changing colour and I’m already missing summer.

I’ve been feeling quite inspired by the summer trends I’ve been seeing lately and it seems that the boho chic look and aztec prints are making a serious comeback, which excites me quite considerably.

I am also very amped about the fact that cute cut outs aren’t going anywhere either.

I’ve created this look on Daily Look’s site as part of the LBD challenge to showcase how you could wear this beautiful dress and what accessories to wear with it.

I chose the golden accessories, because it compliments the black dress so well and the turquoise picks up the colours in the dress. The flowers also pick up the colours well. The fringe bag goes well with the sandals and the boho look of the outfit.

What I also love about the boho look is minimal make up, which is why I’ve chosen a light brown taupe eye shadow, the soft pink blush and lipstick and some lashes.

All the items in this look can be found on Daily Look’s website. Be sure to check out the little black dresses. There are seriously beautiful dresses!

Did you like this look?
XO Carina