June favourites

So my birth month has come and gone and that makes me sad. I am also 25. That makes me even sadder. 😉

Also, this post is a bit late and I tried out a different backdrop for the products. I prefer plain white to be honest, but anyway, since it was my birthday this month I got a couple of gifts that I loved and it will be making up some of my favourites.


Guess handbag

Mr. S got me a stunning black Guess bag as part of my birthday gift. I almost feel too sorry for it to use it daily because it’s so gorgeous. And it matches my black heart. 😉

Jay Jays jacket

An early birthday gift from Mr. S. It’s really warm and I’ve been wearing it constantly.

Woolworths ring

Thank you to my friend Natasha for giving me this ring. I love the colours of the gems and I honestly don’t have anything else quite like it.


MAC goodies

My friends know me all too well. I got MAC lipglosses and a lipstick from two of my friends and I really love it. Thanks Jenni and Marelie!!! ❤ I also Instagrammed a picture.

Dior foundation

Again something Mr. S got me. I’ll do a full review on it later.

Rimmel Scandal Eyes in Bluffing

I’ve had this for a while but I couldn’t find a damn eyeliner sharpener that was big enough to sharpen the pencil until recently. I got an Essence one at Dis-Chem and since buying that I’ve been using the eyeshadow pencil every single day. It’s a nice neutral bronzey colour that is perfect for work and even when you’re out about on the town.


Nico & Vinz – Am I wrong?

A lovely song. I particularly like singing along to the “Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah” part. 😉

What are your favourites for this month? Leave links to your favourites posts in the comment section. I’d love to read it.

XO Carina


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Birthday wish list

Okay everybody, my birthday is this Saturday, 13 June 2015. Make a note of it in your diary for future reference. 😉

I’m turning a whopping 25. *sob*

Anyway, apart from that huge number of candles on my birthday cake, I’m going to share my birthday wish list with you.



Well, technically my parents already got me that. I went on Saturday and gots them did. I was feeling a bright colour and glitter. 🙂

Guess bag

Oh my gosh, I saw one at Edgars that really melted my black heart. The bag happens to be black as well, but whatevs. You can never have enough black handbags or handbags for that matter.

A winter coat

I hate winter. I don’t care how hot the summer was, I never want the colder months to come. Clearly I am meant to also be in Africa with the warm weather. But since winter is inevitably here *sigh*, I really want a beautiful jacket or coat for the winter.


Drown your sorrows in style on your day of birth. ‘Nuf said right?


Image: makeupandbeautyblog.com

Image: makeupandbeautyblog.com

Again, another thing a girl can never have enough of. I would love a Tom Ford lipstick, but I’m battling with the knowledge that one costs about R500…



I’ve been eyeing Marc Jacobs’ Daisy Dream for literally years now, but again, I have an internal struggle every single time with the price tag.

Waffles and cappuccino

I love coffee but even more than that a hazelnut cappuccino. Man oh man, those are delish! And what goes extremely well with that? A crispy waffle. Bring it!

What do you want for your next birthday?

XO Carina


A belated Christmas present from life

The *$#%ing key that kept getting stuck in the door.

The *$#%ing key that kept getting stuck in the door.

So Christmas has come and gone this year and I have to say, it was a good one. Filled with delicious food and tons of chocolate and family coming to visit from Malaysia, it was a Christmas for the books.

But of course, as life wants things, it never goes too well for too long. In my case, life handed me a belated Christmas present this morning in the form of the bathroom.

I got stuck for 45 minutes and I literally couldn’t get out.

It’s the weirdest feeling, because I panicked and stressed yet Mr. S and his brother were both upstairs and luckily I had my phone, fully charged, with me.

My morning ritual goes like this: I run a bath and while the water is running I sit on the floor and I check my Instagram feed or whatever on my phone. I then close the door and bath, brush my teeth etc.

Today was no different except I was absent minded and locked the bathroom door. The weather had been great the past few days but this morning it was very rainy and cloudy and flash flood warnings have been issued for various parts of the country. That said, the wooden door must’ve swelled out and got stuck because the key wouldn’t turn.

I opened the window in an attempt to get fresh air in so that the door would maybe somehow open, I wiggled the key, I kicked the door, I was sweating, I sat on the floor crying, I yelled at the door, I even Googled to see what could be done. Nothing.

Eventually, I had to phone Mr. S’s brother ((Mr. S had left his phone in his room) and tell him that I was stuck in the bathroom. Mr. S tried opening the door from the outside by wiggling the handle, kicking it etc. and I managed to slide the key under the door to him and he unlocked it without any difficulty.

Like I mentioned earlier in this post, it’s weird how panicked I got since I wasn’t alone in the house, I had my phone with me and obviously after a few spirited games of Fifa, the boys would’ve come downstairs and found me, but honestly, next time I’ll think twice about laughing at my bestie who gets stuck in her bathroom on a regular basis because the door swells out every time she showers. It’s an awful feeling. FML.

Have you ever gotten stuck in a weird place before?

The evil bathroom door.

The evil bathroom door.

XO Carina

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Stocking stuffer ideas: For her

for her

A few days ago I did a stocking stuffer ideas for him post, which you guys seemed to really like so here we have exhibit B, stocking stuffer ideas for her!

Personally, I find it much easier to buy gifts for girls, because something like strawberry and vanilla cinnamon scented Bath and Body Works shower gel might be completely lost on a guy, but a girl friend will love it and that is why this post is crammed full of more ideas.

Let’s begin!

Travel size perfume

You can go for a standard size perfume bottle as well, but if you’re planning on stuffing a stocking to the brim, rather go with mini bottles. They’re adorable!

Eos lipbalms

Yes I’m obsessed, but for good reason. How sweet will a couple of those in fun colours be in a stocking?


Unless it’s an engagement ring, you can never go wrong with giving a girl jewelry for Christmas. Personally, I really love those infinity rings. Mr. S gave me one for our anniversary and I wear it every single day. See? It’s a win!

Too Faced Melted lipstick

I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these. I’ve heard great things about it and if the girl you’re giving a gift to is a make up junkie, she’s sure to love getting make up.

Phone covers

I love phone covers. I only own one, because to be honest, you don’t really need more, but the covers that come in cute shapes are very hard to resist. I mean if I saw that popcorn one, I would definitely buy it. No questions asked.

Hair accessories

With it being the festive season and all, you can’t go wrong with a sparkly hair accessory.


‘Tis the season to be jolly and eat a lot of chocolate so give in to temptation…

Nail polish

Easy to find, easy to purchase and easy to fit in a stocking. ‘Nuff said.

Lush Santa lip scrub

This lasts forever and is a bit of Christmas in a jar for the rest of the year.


If you’re celebrating Christmas in a cold part of the world, scarves make perfect gifts. Where I live it’s hot as hell this time of year, but when it does start getting nippy (basically April or May) a scarf will come in handy.

Snow globes

You get huge ones, but a smaller one will be perfect. If it’s Christmas or Disney themed? Even better. Just make sure you wrap it in a bit of bubble wrap so that it doesn’t break easily and make a mess.

Cute Christmas ornaments

It’s Christmas after all, why not get a cute extra ornament to hang on your tree?

XO Carina

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So last night I got the fright of my life!

Mister S came to pick me up at my house and I thought we were just going to chill and watch some movies and eat a lot of butter flavoured popcorn (mmmm…. Delicious…) and instead I got a surprise party!

As I walked up the walkway to the front door I was wondering why all the lights in the house were off if someone and of course Fudge the dog was at home. I opened the door and said hey to the little furry monster (aka Fudge) and nearly had a heart attack when friends shouted from the dark stairs “SURPRISE!!!”. In utter shock I just screamed back at them and almost collapsed onto the wall.

Mister S went to so much trouble! He got pink helium balloons, a Mermaid piñata, delicious Amarula cake complete with glittery pink candles and he gave me such amazing gifts.

Now why is that I got a surprise party almost a month before my actual birthday you ask? Well, simple. I’m leaving next week for three weeks. Not permanently, I love South Africa very much, but I’m just going on a little holiday to Abu Dhabi and Europe.

I’ll be in Abu Dhabi for a week and a bit, and from there I’m heading to Barcelona and getting on a cruise ship. On my actual birthday in June, I’ll be in Montenegro. Whoop whoop!

Anyway, mister S is such a blessing and I’m truly lucky to have such an amazing boy in my life. Oh, and did I mention he’s just gorgeous? Tall, blonde and beautiful. Okay okay, brag over!

Here are some pictures of the night. There’s more, but I’m not going to bore you with more of them. Enjoy!


Xoxo Carina

Christmas laziness



This year I am ashamed to say that I have left my Christmas shopping until the very last possible second. I could not figure out what to get everyone as gifts and also, a good friend of mine got engaged too so that was added onto my shopping list.

I still need to wrap some of my gifts and put up the Christmas tree. I found the coolest ornaments at Typo so that will definitely be going on the tree this morning!

I will spend the day getting the last of the gifts wrapped for my family and also, I will be baking Christmas cookies and a cheesecake for Christmas lunch tomorrow.

Pictures will follow! Stay tuned!